Lynette McKinney Memorial Retrospective
November 9-25, 2000, Dutchess Community College Art Gallery
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McKinney Creations
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Original works of art in clay and metal.

Biographic Information on Lynette McKinney

Lynette McKinney's Obituary

Lynette McKinney's Philosophy of Art:
"My philosophy of creativity is that God is moving each of us by the beauty and power of his creation to feel love and wholeness.  We respond to that in different ways.  Some people respond with beautiful music, inspirational writing, or high drama.  My response is to create expressions translating that feeling of beauty, power, love, and wholeness into clay and metal forms.  I want to create beauty in a world that has the potential for so many things that are not beautiful.   I find excitement in clay as the form develops on the wheel and continues with the challenge of glazing to create color and texture that completes the form.  In metal, I seek to create beauty by resolving the contradiction of softness of line with the rigidity of the material."

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Family Collection Family Collection 8 3/4" X 5 7/8"
    #346   $4,000

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6 1/4" X 15 1/4" Family Collection
#219   $12,000  

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6 1/8" X 6 3/8" Family Collection Family 5 3/4" X 5 7/8"
# 438   $3,500   Collection #342   $3,000

Biographic Information on Lynette McKinney

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